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Dear teachers, dear students, good morning:

  Today, it is a great honor to be at the flag to give a speech, the subject of my speech is: "Love the public, start with me>!


    Students, our campus has evolved over a few years and is now growing. Look at our campus today, the management means is advanced, the education and teaching facilities are perfect, the education environment is first-class, has become the ideal palace for all the studentsundefined dream come true. When we walk into the campus, it is a magnificent teaching building, a studentundefineds apartment, a dining room, a campus supermarket, a propaganda column, a sports field, a tree, a clean room, a classroom, a library, a green belt, a clean room, a classroom, a library, a green belt, a modern air-conditioning, a television, a multimedia, Hot water supply system. And so on, many of the things show us the thriving and better future of the school.


    However, we regret that, in the face of such a scene, there have been a number of bad phenomena that do not love the protection of the public: the floor that has just been cleaned is thrown away from the food bag and the waste paper; the trash can in each class becomes the toy in the hands of the students; The blooming flowers and trees are also mercilessly broken by the students; in the beginning of the semester or in a good table and stool, they will be taken out of eight blocks for a long time; the flat desktop does not know the so-called "an artist" of the students; the walls on the outside of the classroom are often marked with moving soles; The mops of cleaning and cleaning are sometimes used by the students to make a double-cut stick; the chalk that passes the knowledge is often used as a bullet to be thrown by the students; the computer room and the six-floor conference room do not go frequently, and have nowhere to go and forget to leave the studentsundefined dirty marks; The white wall is dotted with stains; the innocent faucet has been replaced with a batch; the table-tennis table frequently used by the students is also full of scars; the red safety exit sign, the teaching room door, the electric fan switch, the fire hydrant glass, often subject to the studentsundefined boxing and kicking. With the rapid economic development, the population is expanding, and the resources are exhausted today, and the whole society is promoting the construction of an economical society. And in such a civilized palace, the elegant educational environment, there are so many bad phenomena, is not worth us to think about?


    The students, we should think about, we should look at our beautiful campus, how can we be able to make the lovely flowers suffer from the merciless destruction, how to break the dark in the direction of the safety sign, how to bear the heart to make all the table and stool that accompany you to the dayundefineds eve become scarred? Take back our hands, give our love, let the past be history, and destroy it no more! The love of the public is a reflection of the high quality of a person, a reflection of the good heart of a person, the love and the public can show the fashion of a society, embody a school, the quality of a nation, and reflect the spirit of a nation! "There is no place in the world, and the country is not in a good place.". The good or bad of the national morality, which embodies the state of a nation, influences the rise and fall of a nationundefineds cause. The behavior of a person often shows the high and low of the individualundefineds quality, which in turn affects the overall quality of the whole group. Whether a citizen is in good care of public facilities can reflect the high and low of a personundefineds moral quality, and the good or bad of a schoolundefineds school wind; it also reflects the degree of civilization and the national quality of a country from the great place.


     The students, the campus is our common home, and her grass and wood should be worth it. So, I call for, from now on, let each of us come together to love the public.


    The students, love the public, start from me. Letundefineds move the table and chair carefully, open the window and open the window with light hands, and do not trample on the fold!


     The students, love the public, start from the little things. Donundefinedt tread on the white walls; donundefinedt let the innocent glass be broken by us, letundefineds not let the light switch and the classroom door be broken!